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The adventures of Megan Petersdorf, a young primatologist studying and working around the world.

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Sep 23 '13

Yesterday was World Rhino Day. In honor of it, here are some of my instagram snaps from this year in South Africa working with Project Rhino.

I have so many things I want (and need) to say about the rhino poaching crisis on my blog. It’s an issue I feel passionately about. For now, what I will tell you to do - educate yourself. be informed. Rhino poaching in South Africa and rhino horn consumption in Vietnam/China affects you. You may think it has nothing to do with you, but it does. It’s a world issue, with world repercussions. The illegal trade of rhino horn is linked to the same industries that traffic illegal drugs and human trafficking. This is one part of a MUCH bigger issue.

I know a lot of people outside of South Africa (and even in South Africa) are not aware of this crisis, which is why I am here! I will try to post more details about the issue, including what you can do to help. For a start, visit this webpage to learn more (and you can donate to help from there too!). This is the organization I was working with this past year and they are doing amazing things. The money you donate goes DIRECTLY towards the rhino war - whether it be on the ground support, informant networks, legal services, or community education outreach.

Also, the final black&white picture I posted was from an installment near where I lived. I took the photo on August 3rd, where there was a reported 410 rhinos poached at that time. Now - September 23rd, that number has increased to 688, making 2013 the worst year ever for rhino poaching. That’s almost 300 more in less than 2 months! We still have 3 more months left this year. This is all occurring at an alarming rate. And we need to help.

Photos: top L/bottom R: community outreach rhino education. top R: white rhino in the Waterberg. bottom L: anesthetized white rhino that was getting a horn transmitter and ear notch put in by the vet

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