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Jan 21 '12

"Chimpanzee official trailer” (DisneyNature)

I think that it is great that the Disney company contributes to the environment/conservation issues. A lot of the time small non-profit organizations are doing their best to make a difference (and any little difference matters!), but funding holds them back. With a huge name to back them up, and the resources to follow through, Disney has shown it is serious about environmental education and nature conservation. 

Some new subsets of the Disney company that have come about recently include:

DisneyNature : independent film label that releases nature documentaries (like Chimpanzee & African Cats)

Disney Friends for Change: Project Green: multi-platform environmental initiative that invites young people to join together to help the planet

Disney Planet Challenge: project-based learning competition designed for classrooms, enabling teachers to engage and empower their students in environmental stewardship

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund: assists in the funding of local and global nonprofit organizations to positively impact wildlife, ecosystems, and communities that are all linked together.

They also have their own research center at Animal Kingdom, online initiatives to educate people about what they can do to help, in addition to an eco-friendly shopping bag program, and more. (Read more)

While surely they do make a profit off of these ‘businesses’ they have created, the bottom line is they are still contributing, making an impact, spreading awareness, which in turn causes more contributions and impacts. Can’t complain there!

I just thought I would write about this because until recently I was even unaware of all of the programs that Disney has running for this right now, and I was happy to see them! I would be more than happy to work for one of their companies one day.

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